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The Runners Zone

Dec 20, 2021

Hey and welcome back to the Runners Zone Podcast. In this episode, Chris and I recap a lot of the themes from our last episode with Lindsey Plass. We discuss the challenges of being a rehab professional and having difficulties managing your own pain, the need for having “sherpas” in your life, and how easily we can positively or negatively impact others with the messages we send.

High School Guidebook:

I released a new e-book called Navigating High School Running a Guidebook for coaches, clinicians, parents, and athletes. This is a culmination of my experiences over the last decade working with high school distance runners. I cover what causes injuries, how to navigate training and racing across four years, key medical screenings all young runners should use, and how to broaden your identity to be more than a runner. You can check it out in the show notes.