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The Runners Zone

Feb 7, 2023

In this episode, Chris and Nathan dive into everything you need to know about your hip and running. They cover how they've changed their views on the runner's hip, managing hip pain, key assessments to understand, programming principles to improve hip strength. Be sure to check out the show resources and articles below!

Nathan's Youtube

Chris Newsletter

How to Rehab a Sacral Stress Fracture

Spokane Course

Lindsey's IG

Research Articles - 

The Warwick Agreement

Muscle Function During Walking, Running, & Sprinting

Thigh Muscle Weakness in Different Pathological States

Height & Running Experience Affect Running Cadence

Clinical Examination of Groin Pain

Exercise Video Links

Farmer’s March 

Lateral Toe Tap 

Rearfoot Elevated Split Squat 


Long Lever Bridge 

Hip Airplane 

Band Resisted Hip Flexor Training Matrix