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The Runners Zone

Apr 1, 2022

In this episode, Chris sat down with Todd Hargrove. Todd is a Feldenkrais practitioner and author of A Guide to Better Movement and Playing with Movement. Todd discusses determining good vs. bad movement, the role anatomy plays in how we move, encouraging movement and variability during development, and how pain impacts how we move. Check out Todd’s writing on Substack and pick up a copy of his books below. 

Todd's Substack
A Guide to Better Movement
Playing with Movement

Chris and I are excited to announce our Spring 2022 Virtual Bones, Tendons, Weights, and Whistles Course. We're pumped that our good friend Rebecca McConville will join us in teaching this three-day course. The course covers everything you need to know when working with runners. To learn more, and sign up, check out the link below. 

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